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UAVs - a tactical asset AAffordably integrating advanced technology, which emphasizes intuitive controls, minimal footprints and flexibility Or - troop tasked UAVs in direct mission support Or - simply commercial imagery.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Now developing light weight algorithms for fielding in low powered devices. Next up, expanding the misson set.

Sensors Novel designs for acoustic and optical sensors blending custom algorithms with COTS technology to improve data gathering and tactical awareness. - CUAS - Surveilence - Reconnaissance

Developed and fielding unique technologies focused on providing a tactical edge to the military, first responders, disaster recovery teams and commercial operators.
Focus on the users
Transition the technology

Artificial Intelligence is JKJET's AI Innovation Cell.

Developed unique approaches to AI that enables light-weight algorithms to create intelligent decisions with limited comms and low processing power to exploit dynamic conditions.


Enhanced Optics

Order of magnitude resolution increase using unique processing melded with special optics. This proven technology is being adapted for new systems providing significantly improved capability. It is silicon (CPUs) enhancing silicon (CCDs).

Applications include tactical, recreation, and sporting events viewing.

CCD - charge coupled device

Optical Processing Wide.png
Acoustic Sensing

An acoustic high-gain staring array with continuous 4π steradian, 360°, all-aspect coverage.

Novel algorithms using only low power CPUs

  • Detection of quiet sounds

  • Tracking objects

  • Monitoring

  • Signature matching

  • Voice prints

  • Audio rewind

  • Reverse tracking


UAV, Drones, UAS
the uninhabited and 

Rethinking roles and mission and human interfaces to create new UAV applications - Our new deployment provides users information, decisions aids and supplies to improve their capacities and reduce their response time and increase their effectiveness significantly.

Applying this technology for First Responders, Disaster Relief Teams, and Operators


UAV - uninhabited aerial vehicle

UAS - uninhabited Aerial system


Designs will be released when fielded

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