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Our Multi-Faceted Work includes UAVs, AI, Sensors, with the vision and ability to blend technologies to create new capabilities

Developing disparate, yet complementary technologies, each with commercial, civil, and DoD applications, to place novel capabilities in the hands off the end users.


AI for UxVs, a JKJET innovation cell, is focused on developing lightweight algorithms for UAV, UGV, USV, UUV/AUV applications. Blending information theory with physics to implement decisions that are applicable across 2D and 3D space.

Acoustic Sensors

Designing portable CUAS, vehicle, and personnel detection system utilizing high-gain arrays to maximize SNR, with 360°, continuous, all-aspect detection with very low CPU power.

Matured algorithms, pioneered by the US submarine force, were transitioned to terrestrial applications. The all-aspect staring array has playback and reverse tracking capability and triggers external systems, like EO/IR camersa, radars, EW, for alternate ID.


CUAS - counter UAS

SNR - signal-to-noise ratio

EO/IR - electro-optic/infra-red

EW - electronic warfare

Modern processing power allows fielding of CPU assisted optics.

Lightweight algorithms enhance resolution from cameras. Applicable across all sensor sizes. It has the potential to provide binocular like resolution with opera glass size lenses.

Processing Optical Data

UAV Development

Many places make UAVs, few actually innovate.
JKJET re-imagines what UAVs should be, their design, construction and operation.
We have developed innovative vehicles optimized for the tactical environment.
Simple to operate and low-cost to own, these UAV systems will fulfil a variety of roles for
the civil and military markets sectors

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